The Roots of Kenyu-ryu Karate-do

The Roots of Kenyu-ryu Karate-do

My name is Aiko Tomoyori, the current 3rd Soke President of Kenyu-ryu Karate-do, where the founder, Takamasa Tomoyori (1907-1977), started learning karate at the age of 6 under his relatives, Sensei Aragaki and Sensei Awane. The founder arrived in Naha at the age of 15 and trained under Sensei Chosun Miyagi (1888-1953) for about 4 years, becoming the first disciple of Sensei Kanryo Higashionna (1853-1916), the founder of Naha-te. He then moved to Osaka, and two years later, in 1929, he became an apprentice of Mabuni Kenwa (1889-1953), the founder of Shitoryu. Later, in 1929, he became a disciple of Mabuni Kenwa (1889-1953), the founder of Shitoryu.
(At the age of 26, he opened a dojo in Sakai and moved his dojo to Kaitori Nishinari-ku, Kaitori, and Imafuku Nishi-Joto-ku, Osaka.
Later, with the approval of Soke Mamunin Kenwa, he founded his own school, Kenyu-ryu.
The name of this school is a combination of “Ken” of Mamunin Kenwa and “Tomo” of Tomoyori, and “Tomo” is read as “Yu”.
After my grandfather passed away, his son and my father, the 2nd Soke President, Ryuichiro Tomoyori (8th dan and hanshi of All Japan Karatedo Federation) became the president.
The 2nd Soke went to China to study karate and established the current kata of Kenyu-ryu. He has traveled abroad frequently to teach widely and has become the current Soke.
Currently, I have served as Soke since 2014.

The promotion of Budo and Kenyu Ryu is very important to teach young people and adults sound principles and the values of Budo for a healthy and balanced development.

Kenyu-ryu is currently present not only in Japan and Italy, but also in Brazil, Argentina, India, Colombia, Taiwan, and China, where it is affiliated with the Japan Karate Federation and the World Karate Federation.
In Italy and Europe, the headquarter dojo is in Tivoli (Rome), run by Claudio Cicarella 7-dan, who was taught directly by my father, Ryuichiro Tomoyori.

Currently, Adriano Picconi 4-dan, a student of Kenyu-ryu karate, has moved to Addis Ababa and is preparing to spread the teachings of Kenyu-ryu in his hometown.
Therefore, I am asking you to allow me to promote Kenyu-ryu Karate-do and, above all, to add it to the schools recognized by your federation.
And I hope that we can further develop this beautiful cooperative relationship.
Sincerely yours
Kenyu-ryu Karate-do 3rd Soke President
Aiko Tomoyori